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Probate Attorney Portland, Oregon


Probate is a court process that can be quite complicated. There are numerous legal documents that must be properly prepared and a variety of deadlines that must be met to avoid tax penalties, and other legal problems. Administration of an Estate can involve legal issues in many different areas of law, such as elder law, trust law, real estate law, insurance law, family law, contract law, business law, corporate law, debtor-creditor law, Federal and State tax law, and/or civil litigation. Choosing an attorney with extensive knowledge and a depth of experience can make the difference between an orderly or chaotic administration of the Estate.

Guardianship Attorney Portland


Life expectancy in America has risen significantly in recent decades. Living longer increases the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementia related illnesses. If you have an elderly family member or loved one who needs protecting you may need to petition to become guardian or conservator. A guardian is someone who is legally appointed by a court to protect a vulnerable adult. A guardian has legal authority and control over the protected person.

Conservatorship Lawyer Portland


A conservator may be appointed for an adult or a child. A conservator is typically appointed for a child as a result of the child receiving an inheritance or insurance settlement. A conservator is appointed for an adult when they become financially incapable due to dementia or other illness. The position of conservator can fall to any interested party presenting evidence of their capacity to take full authority. The conservator is then empowered to take possession of the ward’s expenses and assets.